The November 17, 2007 ordination of Episcopal Deacons held at St. John's Cathedral in Denver, Colorado. Ordained were:

  • Maureen Beaty
  • Elizabeth Garfield
  • Marc Genty
  • Merle Harrison
  • Linda Vosburgh
  • Arthur Bain White, Jr.
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    There I was. Sitting in the front row. Being prayerful and attentive. Yet, there in front of me were the deacon candidates, prostrate before God. I thought to myself: "I would pay $100 for a picture of that." And there beside me was my Canon EOS digital camera. I thought "taking pictures in the Cathedral during a service of this import must surely be forbidden, especially with the Bishop presiding." Then, I thought "this is a once in a lifetime opportunity." And everyone on the altar was facing the opposite direction :-). So, I gave in and took the shot. It turned out so well, I would have paid more than $100 for it!

    Sorry Bain: the lens wasn't wide enough to get you in also :-(.